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Poster: jackgrimes2004 Date: Jun 7, 2004 1:15am
Forum: election_2004 Subject: Rising gas prices are another Bush failure

As gas costs have risen to more than $2 a gallon, with no end in sight, I begin to wonder whether President Bush's promises that a war with oil-rich Iraq would lower costs at the pumps weren't just more lies, like the fictional weapons of mass destruction and that the Baathist government of that country supported terrorists.

With the costs of commodities like ice cream, milk, and cocoa on the rise as well, we're left speculating if the government isn't using these price hikes to force the American people, who never wanted this crazy war, to pay for this madness that Bush started.

I would ask the President: Difficult days ahead for who? Our troops, who are being killed by Iraqis or the consumers, who are forced to absorb cost-of-living increases at home.

The United Fascist Union says Bush should look after his own, American consumers and voters. It's his duty to keep our costs down, so we can pocket our returns and increase our wealth. Something has to be done immediately to curb these rising prices on gasoline and commodities.


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Poster: AK47 Date: Jun 23, 2004 3:49am
Forum: election_2004 Subject: Re: Rising gas prices are another Bush failure

Bush can't influence OPEC to be generous, he also can't control the value of the strong EURO which also has an influence, not to mention that whenever he tries drilling anywhere in his own territory, the watermelons (environmentalists, green as in environment on outside, red as in prefering a hammer and sickle to a hamburger on the inside) complain. And have you not noticed that gas prices have dropped significanty over the weeks. Two weeks ago, over 2.00/gallon here, now its less than a 1.60 per gallon. Do your homework and read a little before posting stuff like this. Also, you know, it's the facists in who try killing the jews, allow no freedom of speech, etcetera. Facists ran Italy and Germany back in WWII, and look what they did, do you really want that to be America? Personally, I enjoy freedom of speech, which allows stuff like this forum to go on. I also enjoy freedom of religion. Most of all, I enjoy freedom of being myself without worry of being gassed to death.

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Poster: jackgrimes2004 Date: Jul 8, 2004 12:38am
Forum: election_2004 Subject: Re: Rising gas prices are another Bush failure

As I said, I am a JEW, and over the years I've worked with Mr. Grimes and been an active member of the United Fascist Union I've never experienced the slightest bit of discrimination.
As Mr. Grimes, has often said, we are "THE TRUE & FAITHFUL", we're followers of the Truth as prescribed for us in the books written by BENITO MUSSOLINI & SADDAM HUSSEIN, who Mr. Grimes calls "THE TWIN SONS OF GLORY". 0ur governments of both Italy and Iraq protected Jewish people and promoted their interests, that's why the tiny Jewish and Christian communities in Iraq were going nuts when this crazy Bush was invading Iraq and murdering our comrades.

The truth of history is hard to come by in a "free country" like the sewer that is modern America but, if you look you can find it in odd places. The TRUTH is Bush is a Nazi, he got it from his grandfather, who through the Bush oil and gas refineries, was busy selling Hitler's henchmen the poison gas the Germans used to kill my people en masse. The Americans took his business away from him and locked him in prison under "The War Powers Act" Pity they didn't kill that dirty NAZI, before he managed to breed with some Hitlerite slut.

Mr. Grimes, is out of town until The Ides of this month campaigning in Mississippi, I'll point this post out to him when he returns to Maryland, then he may reply himself if he sees fit.

Heil Grimes!
Vote Fascist!